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Do not talk only about yourself! Clearly, the Russian women wants to know more about you, and it is - of course, but try to "get rid" 2-3-name proposals. And then, you must (and this is your secret weapon!) Contrive to turn the conversation in the opposite direction, i.e. give her an opportunity to tell about myself. People are so arranged (especially on the first date), that like to talk about myself, some more, some less - and that Russian women is no exception (and more-vivid proof!). Now that you have successfully shifted the focus on her person, you must maintain a conversation with interest (even if this interest fictitiously). Watch for her spirits! Once you see that the girl is distracted, or thinks that the worst - yawns - urgently changing the subject. Best of all, in this case - is to ask her about something (just not the weather) By the way, it is important not only on the first date. Do not show her that she was - only the object of your sexual desires. Do not devour her eyes! Do not translate the theme of "is" on track, if it does not do it first. Show a real interest in her special. “Let you in on a secret: about her hobby, hobbies, and interests - for her far more sexy than a dull! Many males prohibit the mistaken belief that we are a factory and begin to bear any vulgarity at the first date. Your interest in her, tells her that you find her sexual or attractive! Does not show too kick her special! Do not be boring. Do not talk about of your ex! Be creative and different from others! Russian women like that!

russian women





DatingAmore Urs
Urs, Age: 67

DatingAmore Princess
Princess, Age: 39

DatingAmore Grantik
Grantik, Age: 64

DatingAmore Inna
Inna, Age: 42

DatingAmore ERIC
ERIC, Age: 72


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