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Announcement - not easy! To meet Russian ladies is hard! First, the spend analysis ad rivals. Mentally put yourself in their place and immediately you see that can alienate and that draw attention. Use the ideas that are found there, as well as in advertisements representatives of other countries and continents. Most profiles are impressive enough. They have a predictable, impersonal, and full of grammatical errors and little convincing. Then write down on paper what you want to know about you, and what you want to meet. Not take the time to reference the details. Then type in a text editor, a simplified, but quite full version text. After look at this text work piece and think about how to make your ad text, unlike the others. Spend some time and write something original and expressive. Try to avoid restrictions such as narrow age or geographical requirements. All it can significantly reduce the success of your add. Be open to new people and concepts. Who knows, maybe you'll find what you're looking, not where you wait. If write "Looking for a tall, graceful blue-eyed blonde from 30 to 35 years old, living in Kiev, you will still receive a letter from some other pretender another age, and at the same time, this girl, something not commensurate with the criterion hesitate write. When ad is ready, read it and make sure whether it expresses who you are and you are looking for. Invent spectacular, short, descriptive slogan. This slogan often determines the success or failure of the announcement of acquaintance. Only he will be visible to your query in a long list. Be creative, compelling and witty. Intriguing target audience and defeat all opponents. It is obvious that the slogan "Looking for sex" did not attract attention, and your ad to which you have spent so much effort, will not be read by those you are looking for. A much larger rating will be more intriguing slogan such as «My name is Love», «Meet Russian ladies», or «Carpe diem! ». Locate a spectacular photograph and scan it. Do not place the ad completely without photos – Russian ladies love eyes. If you do not want to be somebody know, use the photograph, where you can barely recognizable, filter it through a graphical editor, obscured the issue, but so that the results were not cheating. If you do not have a scanner, similar to choose your image from a directory or a funny picture, and write in your ad that you are the same, only more beautiful, and happy to send this photo to whose answer will interest you.






DatingAmore Arild
Arild, Age: 52

DatingAmore Regina
Regina, Age: 40

DatingAmore Hubert
Hubert, Age: 58

DatingAmore Galya
Galya, Age: 42

DatingAmore David
David, Age: 76


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