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russian bridesTo draw attention to himself - he will try to express their individuality: it can start to behave noisily defiant, or vice versa quietly step aside - most importantly, to stand out from the crowd. If a man likes what he sees at the moment - he inadvertently flaring nostrils and catch a glimpse Russian bridesof his mouth. In your presence a man begins to correct that any of the clothes - tie, cufflinks, sleeves, socks - all this shows is that he wants to be beautiful for you and that you are definitely interested in him. He touches his face during a conversation with you - it speaks of anxiety, desire to look better. He stands with his hands on the belt or on the hips - he was confident in me. A hand accentuates those places that want to know what you would caress. The man gave you his jacket or sweater that would warm you. This gesture is very high - you are his Russian brides, he is ready to defend Russian brides. Secrets communication man with Russian brides: 1. Men cannot admire and violently express their emotions. If he told you that you are beautiful in this dress - the highest score. Lyrics: amazing, wonderful, delightful - you can hardly hear. 2. The habit of interrupting inherent in all men. He does not do it that would offend you, most often it happens unconsciously. Brain of male-oriented is solution. According to this while you pose a problem - it can offer several solutions, without waiting until the end. 3. In a conversation with a man first say the most important thing, and then proceed to detail. 4. All men love to argue. Do not take it for a desire to quarrel. Do not bother him to argue - they love anything to prove and no matter whom. 5. If you feel that approaching a quarrel - hug him or hold his hand. Touching it, you knock his logic and translate the emotions. Be tolerant of men, learn to understand them - and then communication will be only joy, without resentment and misunderstanding!






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